What causes orgasms, and is there more than one kind?

The clitoris engorges with blood and enlarges, just like a penis does. When arousal begins, blood flow to all erogenous zones increases. With continued stimulation, the response of the nerve endings in crucial areas leads to muscle contractions that relieve the tension of the sensation build-up.

That’s an orgasm; studies have shown that with an ECG, your brain lights up, which indicates how it feels. The body then releases hormones that enhance sexual arousal, adding to the pleasure and longevity of the climax.

Women can orgasm in various ways, involving one or several parts of their female genitalia. The most common sources of climax are the clitoris and the G-Spot. All these parts are interconnected and packed together, working as a team to the same end.

Unlike men, women have no lag time between orgasms and can experience longer and multiple climaxes under the right circumstances. Cliovana brings back sexual responsiveness.

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