Cliovana™ adds value to your practice

  • Drives new patients to your door
  • Extends your services portfolio
  • Gives your business a true point of difference
  • Significant revenue returns
  • Exclusive territories available
  • Clinic-in-clinic model with no capital investment

Add Cliovana™ to your practice

Women dealing with sexual responsiveness issues have long been overlooked, it affects their relationships and overall quality of life.

Cliovana™ is proud to be part of a growing movement that sees the sexual satisfaction of women as a vital part of their overall health and emotional wellbeing. And it’s all made possible by passionate practitioners like you.

What a great way to help make women’s sex lives better… “No pain and so easy!”

Designed with your patients in mind

  • Cliovana™ addresses direct clitoral responsiveness at the cellular level
  • These treatments change the clitoral physiology of the female’s erectile tissue
  • Safe sound wave, pain-free and non-invasive treatment. No lasers, surgery, needles, invasive procedures. Cliovana™ focuses on the most erogenous zone of the human body… the clitoris
  • Treatment creates neurogenesis and neovascularisation improving blood flow to the clitoris increasing sensitivity to the clitoris with no downtime post treatment
  • Best of all the effects last for a year or more and can be sustained with an annual single revitalisation session

What practitioners are saying

Cliovana, science you can trust

Dr. Webb & Dr. Bartels

Cliovana, A game changer for womens sexual health

Dr. Garza

Helps the tissue regenerate and become more sensitive… ultimately a better orgasm

Dr. Leslie Kardos

Patients hear about this (Cliovana) and boy they want to do it

Dr. Deborah Wilson

A brand, not a protocol

Our practitioners are part of a brand that defies price wars and generates demand. Practitioners are equipped with:

  • In-clinic marketing collateral for patients
  • Lead generation – through Cliovana’s digital online and social media channels
  • National end-user brand awareness, marketing and PR campaigns
  • Product launch and information events for new patient generation
  • National brand marketing and PR campaigns

Satisfied patients

Cliovana™ represents a tremendous revenue opportunity for medical practitioners in the area of women’s pelvic and sexual health.

  • Licencing and certification for administering the Cliovana™ protocol is carefully controlled
  • The Cliovana™ brand is trademarked for protection
  • Full, hands-on training and certification with each license
  • Cliovana™ takes less than ten minutes per session to administer

What people are saying about Cliovana™

“During my first sexual experience after all four sessions of the treatment were completed, I noticed my clitoral region was more sensitive and receptive. I was able to reach orgasm from oral sex and in various positions where I hadn’t been able to in the past. … In short, I’d say that Cliovana worked, and can help close the orgasm gap—one treatment at a time.” Brittany

“Cheers to Cliovana! I can’t believe a totally pain free experience transformed my sex life. Right after the first session I noticed increased arousal and responsiveness and after four sessions and two months my orgasms are now more powerful than they’ve ever been. Thank you for giving me a boost in my sex life! Everyone needs Cliovana.” Veronica

“Let’s just say even after the first appointment, it was wonderful that sex didn’t hurt. And because of that it happens more often. So let’s just say my husband is a happy camper. Truthfully, if he knew this was available, he might have bought it for me a couple of years ago. It wasn’t around then, but if it were…..” Jodie

“I just completed my final session targeted to heighten my sexual responsiveness and satisfaction…and it did just that! I had no idea there was a method that could boost the intensity of orgasms and it was 100% non-invasive and on top of that, I was in and out of the clinic in 10 minutes. Thank you Cliovana for spicing up my sex life and my boyfriend thanks you too!” Jenny

Long-term results

Cliovana™ treatments consistently result in heightened sensation, frequency and strengthening of orgasms. The results are often felt immediately and intensify over a period of three months. best of all, these effects last for a year or more and can be sustained with an annual revitalisation session of two 15-minute treatments.

Cliovana’s CEO Greg MacDonals, has stated that Cliovana™ has “true pre and post-data of women scoring from lubrication to frequency and intensity of orgasm before the treatment to after the treatment, and we’ve probably tested close to 4,000 women in the past three years – with spectacular results.”

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